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For Family

Home Funerals

Many decisions need to be made before a family decides to care for a deceased family member or friend. These are things to think about before the death of a loved one.

enter site Your Comfort Level and Healing Process
Determine your comfort level in dealing with all aspects of a death.  Taking care of the physical aspects of a deceased loved one can be very healing and comforting but it isn’t for everyone. differences between dissertation and thesis Personal Touch is the Final Gift – Am I Ready?
There is lifting and movement of the deceased that needs to be done in washing and dressing. Am I physically strong enough? Am I prepared for any physical and natural changes that will occur after death?

how to do a dissertation methodology
The Gift of Comfort

Do I have the proper support system in place?  Family, friends, the church, spiritual leaders are all important emotional resources at the time of death. Are they supportive of your decision for a home funeral?

Our Home – A Familiar and Intimate place
If I decide to have a home funeral is my home large enough to accept visitors. Will my community or neighborhood allow the frequent comings and goings of mourners, friends, and family? Maybe the facilities of National Burial and Cremation are a better suited choice.

-The Final Earthly Journey - Transportation from Home to Church to Cemetery or Crematory
Do I have the proper conveyance vehicle?  How will I move my loved one from home to the cemetery or crematory? Will the pallbearers be able to maintain the dignity I desire while loading the casket into the conveyance vehicle?

Legal Issues – Unfortunate Burdens, but Necessary
Will I be responsible for death certificate filing?  How do I get the necessary burial and cremation permits?  What about the medical examiner?  And don’t forget social security.

At the Time of Death

You have prepared for this day by asking and answering the previous questions but no matter how prepared we are, it will still be an emotional experience.

Letting Emotion Start the Healing
Start talking about the death right away.  Gather your support system.  Make sure the proper legal and community authorities have been notified and legal requirements are met (e.g. filing of death certificates).

Gather the proper equipment and materials to assist in the preparation.  Natural Burial and Cremation’s “Home Funeral Kit” provides all you will need for the preparation. 

Talk with family members and your support network about how you want the reviewal. Will I need a casket?  A viewing table?  Dry ice?

Begin the physical activities of caring for the deceased.  You will find that the activities of physical touching and feeling will turn your emotions into a positive spiritual and healing energy.  Perform the activities of washing, dressing, and other care of the deceased that you are comfortable with. Get help with the things you are not comfortable with.

click Some Dangers Do Exist
Be smart and take precautions as necessary both emotionally and physically.  Understanding the complication of illness and disease of your loved one may require additional materials and equipment.  It is important to recognize that certain viruses, bacteria, and other prions can remain contagious and infectious.

enter site Spirituality and Grief
Be open to the experience.  Let your spirit, God, and community jump start the healing of grief.  A home funeral can be very personal and special.  Be accepting of the love and support that others will gift to you.  Design the visitation, gathering, service, and final disposition of burial or cremation in a way that honors the deceased.  But more importantly it must provide the catalyst to healing for the living.


Natural Burial Cremation Services

Willwerscheid Natural Burial and Cremation can assist your family in many ways. Our society is becoming more aware of the need to protect our environment. You and your family were concerned with that during your loved one’s life. We will help you continue those earth-friendly values.

Services and Products

Eco-Sensitive alternatives in traditional cemeteries
Transportation to “true” Green Cemeteries
Preparation of deceased with non-toxic chemicals
Bio-degradable caskets and urns including build-your-ownCasket Kits
Advocate and educate your church or spiritual community
Earth friendly burial vaults as required by your traditional cemetery

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