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Cremation as an option

Cremation, through the use of heat, is the reduction of human remains into bone fragments. The bone fragments are then reduced down further by mechanical pulverization. From a legal standpoint cremation is the final form of disposition.

Cremation has become the “greener” choice in after-death care. Cremation is viewed to be more environmentally safe and a cleaner process of disposition. However, studies indicate that the natural gas consumption and the smoke stack emissions from crematories affect the environment more negatively than the natural decomposition of earth burial. Natural Burial and Cremation eco-sensitive urns emphasize the importance of earth friendly cremation products and making cremation as “green” a choice as possible.

Cremation should never be confused with the actual memorial or funeral service. Cremation is simply an alternative to natural or conventional earth burial.

A range of memorial options and services are available when considering cremation, or natural burial, that allow for the recognition of individual and personal values and traditions.

As members of both the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) and Cremation Association of North America (CANA) we encourage you to visit these websites.

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